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Our Team

Lila Heymann: Owner & Co-Founder


Glitter Box N.O. is the latest project for Lila and the Heymann Foundation. With a background in art history and social work, creating a space where community and making merge was a natural progression. More recently, Lila has focused her energy on women and nonbinary  artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits and Glitter Box has become the home for this endeavor.  Glitter Box is one of a number of community endeavors to which Lila has donated her time and resources over the years. 

Born in Lafayette in the Stone Age, Lila went to college in Baltimore and lived in New Orleans for many years before moving to Washington DC and eventually New York City.  After a decade of working in the homeless services system of Manhattan, Lila relocated to start a family. These days, she divides her time between New Orleans and Charlottesville, VA.

Lila is a beach bum, a black licorice aficionado, and an avid astrology enthusiast!

Kate from the team in all glitter box goodies! Springtime fly all around

Kate McCurdy: Curator & Co-Manager


Kate picks up all the bits and bobs around the shop!

She keeps track of all the goodies that flow in and out, collaborates with our non profit partners, and seeks new ways to promote and connect our artists.

One of the founding organizers of the Lucky Art Fair, in her downtime she can be found facilitating Ladies in the Arts New Orleans (a networking group for all kinds of creative women), assisting local artists with their projects, dancing in the streets to celebrate body hair freedom with Krewe of Full Bush, or embroidering monsters and flowers onto her clothes.

Kate's wearing an Alligator Pear Goods headdress, Firebird Wearables earrings, Elektra Glitter, and a Glitter Box Goods Tee designed by Katie Barroso.

Kate from the team in all glitter box goodies! Springtime fly all around
Jillian from the Glitter box decked out in glitter box gorgeous acessories!

Jillian Desirée: Media Curator & Co-Manager

86 Pronouns

Jillian wears various hats (they look fantastic on them!) including photographing our artists work + any social media/marketing related matters, as well as anything that could lead to dancing around the shop.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, this Capricorn made New Orleans home post-Hurricane Maria in 2017.

When not at the shop, they are probably behind a bar, on a yoga mat, or catching up on doula coursework. Jillian joined the shop as a way to reconnect with their art roots (as a photographer + mixed media artist) and the local community and wants to continue passing forward the beautiful energy that Glitter Box has provided to their life.

Jillian is wearing an Alligator Pear Goods Headpiece, Thora Ford ear weights, and Weapon Of Choice NO lace harness. 

Neisha Johnson: Shop Assistant and Product Artist


Born and raised in New Orleans, Neisha makes all the Glitter Box Goods around the shop from screen printing to bedazzling and sewing.

Founder of Designing Freedom, Neisha designs and prints screen printed clothes & accessories that uplift and empower people through their powerful messages.

Neisha is a new mother to a beautiful baby who brings light to the shop and everywhere he goes! She has been working with Women With A Vision since 2016 and joined the Glitter Box team in 2018.

In her free time she loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, yoga, learning new crafts skills and painting. She loves helping out in the community and giving back whenever she can.